Inverse relationship between Dogecoin and Bitcoin markets over the past 36 hours

The Bitcoin market rallied yesterday for the first time in a month, and the price per Bitcoin briefly touched $500: The Bitcoin rally can be seen in the above chart. Price was near $455 before the rally, and it rose $45 (10%) over 6 hours. The price per Bitcoin has been relatively steady since then and is averaging $495.

A chart of the Dogecoin market for the same period can be seen above. The price per Dogecoin had been steady near 100 satoshis (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin) for a few days and began to decline when the Bitcoin rally started. When the Bitcoin rally peaked at $500, the price per Dogecoin was 96 satoshis. Even though the Bitcoin market stopped going up after that point, the Dogecoin market has continued to decline and is now at 92 satoshis. Overall the price per Dogecoin relative to Bitcoin has dropped 9% in the past two days, while price per Bitcoin…

Dogecoin market analysis: Black Thursday for Dogecoin

The price of Dogecoin has been falling during the last 72 hours, and today the decrease in rate has become increasingly rapid. Dogecoin had been trading near 100 satoshis (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin) for about a week, and 100 satoshis was considered a healthy support level. On May 20, the price of Dogecoin began to decline, right as the Bitcoin market had its first rally in over a month. The decline was steady at first, and at the start of today, Dogecoin was trading near 93 satoshis.

Today the decline in Dogecoin’s price has rapidly accelerated, and it has traded as low as 71 satoshis this evening. This represents a 30% drop in the value of Dogecoin relative to Bitcoin in 72 hours. There is a lot of market volatility right now, and Dogecoin has been trading as high as 76 satoshis before another wave of selling pushes it back to the lower 70s. Over 10 million Dogecoin is being sold per minute on Cryptsy at times.

It is hard to tell what is causing this Dogecoin sell-off. The price …

Record 152,000+ Bitcoin transactions following constant growth all year

Over the past year, Bitcoin transaction volume has been continuously increasing, as can be seen in the below chart. Daily transaction volume has increased from around 60,000 to over 100,000, a remarkable 70% increase. On May 28, there were 152,848 Bitcoin transactions, shattering the previous record.

This is an indicator that Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. People realize how powerful Bitcoin is, you can transfer money anywhere in the world instantly without the typical oversight, limitations, fees, and delays associated with using banks or money transfer services like Western Union.

This has given Bitcoin users unparalleled freedom to conduct business, resulting in a gold rush Esque boom of Bitcoin businesses.

Every single day there are dozens of businesses popping up that use Bitcoin as their primary mechanism of monetary transfer, and many of these end up becoming quite profitable since users anywhere in the world can instantly buy goods and services, vas…

Ripple price has been collapsing after this developer announcement

Ripple is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2011, making it one of the first cryptocurrencies. Ripple is completely unlike Bitcoin, however. There is no blockchain for Ripple and no mining involved; instead, it runs on a public ledger of all transactions. Actual currency isn’t exchanged apparently, just debt, and this debt “ripples” through the network. Ripple is honestly confusing to understand and use overall and hasn’t caught on much, even in the cryptocurrency community. Usually, Ripple is only talked about for its extremely high market cap; for most of the past year, Ripple had the second most upper market cap behind Bitcoin. That has finally come to an end.

The distribution of Ripple was extremely centralized. The developers of Ripple decided there would be 100 billion Ripple total. Developers, founders, and investors kept twenty billion Ripple. Eighty billion was given to Ripple Labs, and Ripple Labs intends to save 25 billion. The other 55 billion was supposed to be distrib…

How to trade cryptocurrencies using crypto trading signals

You better be aware of the crypto trading signals that are appearing in front of you any time you are online. They can be the beginning of a new investment opportunity, so you need to be cautious when you see them popping up on your screen.
Risk management has been the central issue of persons that trade foreign exchange and other goods online. Since the beginning of the crypto market, the world has been unaware of the high power the information technology can offer to the people.
When you are online, try to search for the buying signals that experts are sending to you all the time. They may give you enough access to resources and enable you to be profitable without lots of effort.
The trading signals are nothing more than trading ideas that present in front of you and suggesting you buy a particular coin at an appropriate price level. This is usually working better with cryptos, but it could also be useful to other goods and services.
What is a crypto trading signal?
These signals are usu…